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Sabine Volkmann · OMNI Hypnotherapist
Naturopath for Psychotherapy

(089) 70 66 975
About me

My name is Sabine Volkmann , I am a professional hypnotherapist !

Born in Hamburg, Germany! I have spent most of my working life in Lüneburg, Germany and am the proud mother of two. I have worked for many years with hypnotherapy and train other therapists. I have a practice in Lüneburg. In 2017 I moved to Dublin, Ireland and have since opened a practice there. I am the OMNI Instructor for Dublin in Ireland and train new therapists in Dave Elman Techics. www.omnieire.com

My Qualifications and experience are listed as follows;

  1. Germany, 2008 – 2010, Naturopath course, Integra Institut.
  2. Germany, 2013, Hypnosis Basic course, Thermedius Institut.
  3. Germany, 2014, Advanced Hypnosis course,  Thermedius Institut.
  4. Germany, 2015, Naturopath for Psychology, 1 year Integra Institut and homestudy , Naturopath for Psychology Qualification.
  5. Germany, 2015, Workshop Grouphypnosis, Thermedius Institut.
  6. Germany, 2016, Simpson Protocol, variations on hypnotherapy, Hypnoschool Stin-Niels Musche.
  7. Germany, 2016, OMNI Hypnosis Training, Hypnoschool Stin-Niels Musche.
  8. Germany, 2017, Advanced Simpson Protocol, Hypnoschool Stin-Niels Musche.
  9. Germany, 2017, Workshop Selfhypnosis, health program Simpson Protocol with Ms. Ines Simpson.
  10. USA, 2017, OMNI Instructor Course, OMNI Training Centre, Florida, Mr. Hansruedi Wipf
  11.  Germany, 2018, Instand /Rapid Hypnose Workshop with Nicole Wackernagel
  12. Ireland, 2018, Workshop hypnosis and Autoimmune System, Sheila Granger
  13. Switzerland, 2018, Workshop Rapid /Instand Induction and Dave Elman Technique, Sean Michael Andrews
  14. Switzerland, 2018, Workshop Pain Management with Hypnosis, Sean Michael Andrews
  15. Switzerland 2018, Workshop NLP, Body Language, Sean Michael Andrews

In my practice in Germany, www.hypnose-lueneburg.de, I have carried out over 2,000 1 to 1 and group hypnosis treatments over the last 7 years. I have trained and supervise my two-person team, I attend a number of conferences each year and am active within a number of related groups.

OMNI has training centres all over the world and is the fastest growing hypnosis education system worldwide! USA, Switzerland, China, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Russia to name a few. No matter which country you train in, it is taught everywhere according to the same curriculum. OMNI Hypnosis is ISO 9001 certified. The science of modern Hypnosis!

The OMNI Hypnosis qualification offers the highest quality assurance. OMNI Hypnosis was founded in 1979 by Gerry Kein from Florida. He was trained by Dave Elman and taught “regression to cause” for a lifetime.

I will look forward to seeing you soon!

Sabine Volkmann

089 70 66 975

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31.08.2019 - 06.09.2019

OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Dublin

Become a hypnotherapist with the only ISO 9001 certified hypnosis training in the world!

what you will learn in 7 days:

  • Quit smoking and lose weight sessions.
  • Treat anxieties, fears, phobias, traumas, burnout, depression, speech impediments, sexual disorders, bad habits, pain control, addictions and many more.
  • Work with children.
  • Achieving the coma state
  • emerge technique
  • Stems Technique
  • Regression to cause ®
  • Ultra high ®
  • Ultra healing ®
  • compounding
  • grey room technique
  • waking hypnosis
  • Pre-Talk
  • Dave Elman Induction
  • Group Induction
  • Instant & Rapid Inductions
  • Marketing
  • Starting a practice
what you will receive:
  • Free membership in the OMNIfinder directory.
  • Free marketing tools.
  • Startup Homepage service.
  • OMNI Hypnotist / Therapist Certificate.
  • Automatic membership
  • Qualified for access to NGH, IBCH.
  • Access to online education platform and shop including video material
  • Access to Facebook OMNI support groups.

The best investment for your future as a successful hypnotherapist:

Normal course fee,  € 2,680.00.
Early bird up to 8 weeks ahead € 2,500.00.

All events require registration with name, address and phone number. Please use the contact form, e-mail or telephone!

info@omnieire.com +49(0)15739476236




Quit Smoking

The toxins and pollutants contained in tobacco products can lead to serious diseases. Smoking is a negative habit and can make you dependent. Do you feel unable to quit smoking on your own?

Hypnosis helps you effectively during smoking cessation. It takes a specific influence on the subconscious mind in order to permanently dissolve anchored associations with smoking. This paves the way to a smoke-free future. The hypnosis itself is perceived as very pleasant and relaxing. The aim is that you, as a matter of course, release the grip on tobacco without being aware of it. A healthy, smokeless life can begin.

Weight loss

Many of us who have tried diet after diet will be all too familiar with the yoyo effect: After weeks or even months of iron discipline, the energy reserves seem to be exhausted. This is often why we give up on diets and succumb to our “old ways”.

Hypnosis has a proven record as being an effective method for a healthy and permanent weight loss method.

Utilising the power of the subconscious mind we can program the mind to intuitively feed the body with healthy food, thus losing weight in a natural way and increasing energy and stamina, improving motivation for exercise.

Mind matters

Everything starts with the first step …

Body, soul & spirit … these three aspects are inextricably linked. All healing begins within the mind and transmits to the physical body. All causes lie in the subtleties of the mind, for all life force flows from there into the physical body.

Regression to  cause can be one way. In a few sessions, you can dissolve almost every issue and increase your sense of well-being.

Do you want to take responsibility for your life and be the creator of your happiness? I would like to accompany you on your way.

The “Simpson Protocol” interactive method in the Esdaille stage and beyond questions your inner wisdom and brings balance to psychological distress.


Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnotherapy?

The origin of the word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” and means sleep. In fact, hypnosis is a state between being asleep and awake. The body of the hypnotised person is in a state of deep relaxation, while the mind is highly concentrated. In this dreamlike state the current environment is irrelevant and the feeling of time is diminished.

How can Hypnotherapy help me?

There are many different ways to achieve your goal. In a hypnotic trance state, the hypnotist can work with highly effective suggestions, influencing the subconscious and the acceptable truth can be restored, and false beliefs dissolved.

All moments of our lives are stored within us, but usually not in the conscious mind. In a hypnotic trance we can use “regression to cause” in order to revisit those forgotten memories to find the source of the issue at hand. Once the triggering moment is found, the hypnotist can work with forgiveness and positive links, thus neutralising and dissolving fears, trauma, and other negative emotions.

Analytical hypnotherapy is based on a survey of the conscious mind. One proceeds from one’s inner wisdom, which leaves clues to the solution.

What is the trance state?

The trance state is a fear-free, relaxed state characterized by an improved imagination and a different perception with more creativity and imagination. In the trance state one takes without value or according to logic to filter what is suggested. However, it must meet the desire and also the values of the person.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

There are different ways to the goal. In the trance, the hypnotist can work with highly effective suggestions, because in the subconscious, the acceptable truth is re-stored. And false beliefs dissolved.

Cause-oriented, the regression will be worked.

All the moments of our lives are stored in us, but of course not in the consciousness

(Short-term memory), in the trance we get just as in a dream

Notes on these moments, no matter how young we were.

Once the first triggering moment has been found, the hypnotist can work with forgiveness and positive links, thus neutralizing and dissolving fears, trauma, and other negative emotions.

Analytical hypnosis is based on a survey of the consciousness, one proceeds from one’s own inner wisdom, which gives thus solution hints.

Can anyone be Hypnotised?

Virtually every mentally healthy person who is involved in hypnosis is hypnotizable. However, each person reacts differently intensively to hypnosis. In addition to the technique of hypnotic initiation and deepening, it depends on the willingness of the individual to achieve the depth of the trance state. While some people reach deeper trance states relatively quickly, others initially only reach lighter trance depths. However, the attainment of deeper trance levels can be learned through more frequent hypnotization.

What if I fall asleep?

hat people fall asleep during hypnosis can occur. The hypnotist should, however, ensure that the report does not break off and will draw your subconscious attention back. Please do not get tired. Even if the hypnotist does not wake you up, you will wake up awake and recovering by yourself, and the subconscious has also absorbed a lot.

Does it change me?

In hypnosis neither character nor your soul can be changed. In hypnosis, the subconscious gives the information as to when a negative feeling was stored, with techniques such as regression to the cause and positive suggestions can then be resolved, causing problems.

A change of programs that run wrong is like cleaning the hard disk to optimally fulfill its desires and not to persevere through bad habits to pursue its goal.

How do I know I'm in a trance?

People who are in the trance state have a different sense of time than in a waking state. As in sleep, the time usually is shorter than in the wakeful state. Furthermore, numerous physical features indicate the trance state, such as a quieter breath or markedly diminished or no longer present orientation reflexes (head or eye movements in the direction of a sudden sound Are reduced or no longer present). The mouth feels dry because the swallowing reflex is absent or diminished. False is the popular notion that you do not notice anything. There is no black out or coma.

Does it work for everyone?

Hypnosis works with almost all people with normal intelligence who open themselves voluntarily. Recession, that is, when the client locks, hypnosis is not possible. However, this is rarely the case for voluntary appointments.

When is Hypnotherapy NOT suitable?

There are contraindications for hypnosis. In a few cases, hypnosis should not be used with caution. Severe diseases of the central nervous system, mental handicaps, can be a normal course of hypnosis. In individual cases, the doctor must decide whether hypnotherapy is appropriate.

Contraindications may include: consumption of strong drugs, alcohol or drug dependency, psychosis, depression, mental disabilities, central nervous system disorder, epilepsy, heart disease or thrombosis as well as pregnancy or very low blood pressure.


Anti-smoking, addictions  ca. 120. min one Session,   per hour €90.00
Weight-loss, eating disorders  ca. 90 min one Session, per hour €65.00
General treatments
anxiety, regression,  phobias, fear of driving, fear of heights, fear of the dentist, superlearning, concentration, stress, self-confidence, mindful, self-awareness, trauma, allergies, sleep problems, tricholillomania (tear hair), depressions, burnout, conflict resolutionspeech problems, sexual disorders, nail biting, obsessive-compulsive disorder, pain & other mind matters
 ca. 90 – 120 min per Session, per hour €65.00
Children & Students  ca. 60 – 90 min per Session, 1 hour  € 55.00
Information Events 20 min. free
  • Anti-smoke group min. 4 P.
  • couple
per Session, per P. € 100,00

per Session, per P. € 120,00

  • weight-loss group min. 4 P.
  • couple
  per session, per P. € 90,00

per Session, per P. € 85,00

OMNI Training (7 days) early bird until 01. march 18 , € 2650,00 / € 2,880.00
Simpson Protocol Basic (3 days) € 750.00
Hypnotherapy Workshops (2 day) € 380.00


Sabine Volkmann

Naturopath for Psychotherapy
OMNI Hypnotherapist/ Instructor

17 Balally Avenue

Dundrum, Dublin 16, Ireland

089 70 66 975
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